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Welcome to the Calvary Horns website!

The Calvary Horns is a Christian Horn Section that is available for Recordings, Concerts, Clinics, and Residencies. We have also expanded in 2008 to include a new big band - the Mark Van Cleave Jazz Orchestra!

We have many events planned for 2009! Sign up for FREE the CH newsletter to keep posted!

Personnel is always expanding , so contact us immediately f you would like to become a member of CH!

Calvary Horns before Hillsong performance.

Mark Van Cleave - Trumpet
Mark Van Cleave

Joining Calvary Horns

Calvary Horns are always looking for new players to fill out our ranks. Please let us know if you have interest in becoming a member of CH.

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Booking Calvary Horns

Calvary Horns does not tour exclusively, but DOES book occasional tours throughout the year. If you would like CH to visit your Church, please contact us and give us the details.

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Clinics with CH

Along with Concerts, CH also conducts clinic sessions. Please let us know if you would like to add a clinic to one of our performances.

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