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Concerts, Clinics, and Residencies

Please contact CH for full descriptions of the following activities.

Student Matinee
(Primary & Secondary Schools)

Designed for general student bodies, this event is typically 50-60 minutes in length with the Calvary Horns performing its "best of" concert. The event will appeal to any age group. Large audiences are not a concern as long as an appropriate introduction and adult supervision are provided.

Length: 60 minutes
Audience: appropriate for middle school through high school

This event is primarily a performance; however, it is designed for music students. Attendance by members of the school band, orchestra, and choir is encouraged. Students will have the opportunity of learning specifics about the music performed by CH and have the opportunity to ask questions regarding musical concerns, careers, etc.

CH Clinic

Typically the length of a class period; informal format. CH performs several pieces and offers a discussion including personal backgrounds, practice techniques, music careers, etc. Suitable for band members and for all music students.

Length: 60-90 minutes
Audience: appropriate for Instrumental, Rhythm Section students, and general music students in middle school through college

Length: 45 - 60 minutes
Audience: appropriate for high school through college

Masterclasses offer students the opportunity to receive specific information for their particular instruments. CH offers classes for trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and rhythm section. If there is interest, sessions in composition & arranging, jazz improvisation, stage fright, the business of music, etc., are also available.

Coaching Sessions
Length: 60 minutes

Members of CH observe rehearsals by school music groups (band, jazz ensemble, or chamber groups) or sections from ensembles. CH will offer suggestions and "work" the ensemble.

Private Lessons

Individual members of CH will make themselves available for private lessons to university students. Fees are reasonable and payable directly to the teacher.

Lecture/ Demonstration
Length: 50 minutes
Audience: appropriate for middle school through college age students

In this residency activity, CH shares its history, programming choices, and knowledge of music through narratives, performance, and Q&A.

School Performance
CH Musical Journey
Length: 50-60 minutes
Audience: appropriate for elementary through high school students

This residency activity is centered on introducing students to a wide range of musical genres and composers through performance.

Extended Residencies

On a limited basis, CH is available for residencies of 2-5 days. These events can be tailored to the needs of the community, combining the events described above with a full evening concert.

Note: The tech requirements listed on the stage plot are also required for residency activities, except for the lighting. CH requires a 60-90 minute load-in time for activities.

Technical Information

Please contact CH for additional technical information.

1. Fifteen sturdy Manhasset or Wenger music stands

2. Fifteen chairs

3. Sound System (see Stage Plan)

4. CH will make full use of available lighting; three-four specials if possible (see Stage Plan)

5. One dressing room/warm-up room for Mark Van Cleave

6. One large dressing room/warm-up room for the brass players

7. One dressing room/warm-up room separate from brass, for rhythm section

8. Grand piano; tuned prior to group's arrival

NOTE: CH will make every effort to arrive at the concert site 4-6 hours prior to performance time. The stage area should be available for set-up and rehearsal at this time. A crew of 1-2 to assist with load-in, set-up and load-out is appreciated.


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